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Designing events and experiences
that change mindset and behavior

...and teaching you to do the same!

The destination for leaders who seek to change the world

Why Us?

Event and Experience Design

You have been to good events and you've been to bad events. Maybe even really bad events.

You have been to events that were profound and you've been to events that were a waste of time and money.

Not all events are made the same. We move beyond logistics, beyond design, beyond strategy to design experiences that change mindset and behavior.


Not many humans globally have the experience and cross-disciplinary education that we do. 

While that's awesome for us, it is unfortunate we've had to turn away life-changing projects because of time.

Humans like you started asking us - can you just teach us to do what you do?

Now we have a whole training suite to get you started designing mindset and behavior change yourself!


Though Dr. K never planned to offer 1:1 coaching, with her mindset and therapy training it's often requested.

Perception is projection and entrepreneurs, designers, planners, and coaches often have some level of conditional worthiness and/or imposter syndrome.

Let's knock it out together in an eight hour breakthrough session and supercharge your growth! 

About the 
BCD Institute

We empower leaders to maximize their impact as they change the world... one event at a time

Every event has a unique purpose with clearly defined objectives. Why do we treat them all the same? 

Some events are learning-centric, others are social. Some events are to entice and acquire clients, others to fulfill the promise you made. All events aim to build connection, community, and to meet their purpose and objectives. 

Events are collections of humans. Humans are all unique. How do you connect with each one individually - yet at a large scale? How do you facilitate a journey of co-creation that is a win-win-win for you, your participants, and your sponsors? 

Its all about designing behavior change. And that is what we specialize in at the Behavior Change Design (BCD) Institute.

Meet the Team

Everything in events is a team effort and this production is all team based. 

While Dr. K might be the founder and face of the company making stuff happen, nothing would get done without these absolutely incredible humans.

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