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Stop copy and pasting from year to year.
You only get one shot at a first impression. 

Rinsing and repeating the same program without any alterations would be like giving everyone a small two door sports car without taking into account driver height and number of people in the family.

Through a formal intake process, we will clearly define the behavior and mindset changes needed and then custom design the experience necessary to achieve these changes!

What makes Dr. K's approach unique? As a proud polymath with a PhD in event design and nearly 30 certifications across eight industries, her unique ability is in her expansive training across disciplines and the ability to bring these together. 

DALL·E 2024-03-09 19.10.13 - Envision a futuristic sports car in a striking shade of purpl

Our Core Values

Though the events may change, our core values never do.

We push for creativity through curiosity with a sense of purpose.

We deliver innovation that matters.

Outcomes are not impacts.

We focus on impact.

We strive for extraordinary.

Great just isn't good enough.

Every human is unique and differently abled.

We respect and customize for each participant.

We live our mission.

The stakes are high for the community we serve. 

We break down barriers to ensure success.

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